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A sad story – Part 2

bingedrinkWhoa, we were inundated with responses to my post about Sarah’s sad story! Sooo many people identified with Sarah that I thought I’d give you another story to help you understand weight loss blockers further and how they might be affecting you.

Karen was the youngest child in a family of eight. As an unplanned baby she grew up feeling neglected by her parents and older siblings. She always felt unloved and unwanted…like she was invisible.

On top of that, her mother was an alcoholic and her father was hardly around. The little attention she did receive was usually of the negative variety when her mom would yell at her or needed Karen’s help because she was too drunk to take care of herself.

Karen’s weight loss blockers were formed in those early years. Growing up in her dysfunctional family she formed the beliefs “I’m not lovable…I’m not enough…I’m worthless.” She was set to carry those beliefs her whole life. They’d cause her to eat and eat to fill the emptiness inside. She was reluctant to start anything because she felt like she was destined to fail. She wound up in countless bad relationships because she believed she wasn’t worthy of having a man she really wanted, and she struggled with depression.

As a young and rebellious teenager Karen chose not to visit her mom in hospital after a bad coughing fit related to her lung condition. She was so mad at her mother for the years of neglect. When her mother passed soon after Karen told herself that it wasn’t that big of a deal…her mom never loved her anyway.

But by the time she got to college her weight was out of control. She drank way more than she should and developed an internet shopping habit. Instead of socializing with the other students she’d sit on her couch for hours glued to the television, eating cookie after cookie and biting her nails.

Karen didn’t realize this at the time, but her second most powerful weight loss blocker was at play. She had the ‘What Happened Last Time’ blocker. Deep down, Karen was crippled with guilt that she hadn’t visited her mom in hospital before she died so she subconsciously sabotaged herself from experiencing any happiness. On some level she absolutely believed that a terrible person like her didn’t deserve to be happy or thin.

The great news is that all these weight loss blockers can be removed! As long as your subconscious mind is on board then weight loss can be easy.

In fact, once I worked with Karen on these issues, she gave up biting her nails and she stopped sabotaging herself with food. For the first time in her life she found it easy to stick to a healthy diet, stopped snacking, and actually wanted foods that were good for her.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you learned about yourself and what you think your weight loss blockers might be.


Brittany xoxo

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