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  • Stop Waiting. Your Life Begins NOW.

    So the 4 key steps to losing weight for good and loving your life are: Stop dieting. Go deep with your tapping. Forgive your parents. Drumroll please… Be honest with yourself. What do you really want to do with your life? What are you avoiding …

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  • Does Your Willpower Suck?

    Stop dieting.Go deep with your tapping. And if you’re really serious about losing weight… Stop fighting your parents. Most people think they can’t lose weight because they don’t have willpower. I know, I thought this too. While I was launching my Skinny Genes program to …

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  • Cut the “Even Though” Tapping and Get Real

    Yesterday I told you to stop dieting. If that didn’t shake up your world, how about this… Cut the crap with the airy-fairy “even though I feel fat…” tapping. Blah. That might feel like it’s working temporarily, but eventually it does nothing. I didn’t get …

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  • Wanna Lose Weight? Do This ONE Thing …

    STOP DIETING. So there I was on the doctor’s scale, face-to-face with a number that once upon a time would have brought me to tears. But this time, for the first time ever, I smiled. My weight doesn’t control my emotions anymore. And more importantly, …

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    My Secret Love Affair

    Over the last year I’ve fallen passionately in love with the work I’ve been doing in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs step up their game. Whether it’s taking their business to the next level or teaching them how to help their clients lose weight for good, I’ve …

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    3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Eating Emotionally (Audio Class)

    Brittany Watkins Podcast I’ve recently made a discovery that has kicked my creativity and passion for tapping into overdrive! You see, I’m an expert in working with emotional eating and at this point in my career I’ve already helped thousands of people to conquer this …

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    Hypnosis For Weight Loss

    When I was struggling to overcome emotional eating and lose weight I was so unhappy and stressed by my extra pounds that I was willing to try pretty much anything. I counted points, grams of fat and calories, popped pills, exercised like a demon, ate …

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  • How Nicole Stopped Eating Emotionally

    We just finished Week 2 of Reboot Camp which is all about your relationship with the authority figures in your life. Years of experience have taught me that unresolved anger and resentment towards an authority figure is a key issue for most people who want …

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  • That Black Dress is Keeping You Fat…

    Earlier this week I attended an event called Women Rock It. It was a fundraiser benefiting research for a rare heart disease called Brugada Syndrome. In 2003 Hyla Molander, the founder of the event, was seven months pregnant with her second daughter when she and …

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  • Everyone Will Think I’m Fat!

    As I stepped onto the stage to introduce my mentor, Margaret Lynch, these words surprisingly were NOT running through my head. In the past, speaking on a stage in front of 150 people would have been preceded by a month of rigorous dieting. My inner …

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