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    How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2

    Jimmy Davis here again.  I’m back with the part 2 of my story about how Brittany completely changed my life.  If you haven’t read the the first part, click here to read it. So there I was back at home after my intensive sessions with …

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  • All Brains

    Science finally explains what my technique does!

    Scientist used EEG brain imaging devices to look at the brain before and after tapping sessions. And look at what they found: After just 12 sessions, the brain is almost normal – I am not sending you all these emails for fun, this stuff really …

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  • Blog Post

    My latest hacks and experiments I’ve never shared before

      It’s Friday, , Time forFlavors of the Week! Every other Friday expect to get a sneak peak into my personal life where I’ll share with you what I’m reading, who I’m following, health-hacks I’m trying and so much more! Favorite Instagram Quote Winnie The …

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  • Can I share my deep thoughts with you? [Video]

    xo Britt P.S. I am accepting applications for the coach certification program that starts in a few weeks. If you’re curious about what it might take, click here to read the curriculum.     And click here for a replay of the hangout from last …

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  • Self Love Healthy

    Thank you! Free Gift Self-Love

    The Think and Thin Advanced Program application process is nearly over! I’m crazy busy with appointments today and tomorrow and we have an amazing group of women starting this life-changing journey together. Self-love and acceptance is one of the biggest transformations women report as a …

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  • How to stop sabotaging yourself

    Losing weight can be scary! Stepping outside your status quo can bring up a lot of resistance in you and from the people close to you. Try this: Imagine yourself at your ideal weight. Notice what you look like. How do you feel? What are …

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  • Advanced Student Transformations

      Learn more about our Think and Thin Program by Clicking Here!

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  • It’s Time to Vote!

    Stella’s Weight Loss Breakthrough Brenda’s Weight Loss Breakthrough   Kristin’s Weight Loss Breakthrough

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  • Contest: Deadline is at 12a EST!

    Did you know that you don’t have to be a student to win?! You can submit a video even if you’ve just come to my free classes and read my free emails! Just tell us what your aha moment has been!   Contest ends tonight …

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  • How I Almost Lost $418,523

    I was standing outside the bank at the end of a 20-person line. I was a newbie and I could tell all the other applicants had tons of experience. I was interviewing for a job with one of the most prestigious banks in the industry. Everyone looked …

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