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How to use EFT/Tapping to stop hating your body even when you’ve gained weight


Earlier this week one of my students posted in the Think and Thin Advanced group that she was having a major critic attack on her body. She tapped, she cried but she still couldn’t neutrally look at her body.

My heart just broke…

I cant tell you how long I’ve struggled with a negative body image despite being in pretty good shape most of my life.

I’ve researched the crap out of this baby for the last few years and as much as I hate to admit it, this is what I’ve found:

There’s no shortcut to loving your body; it takes practice, and perseverance and checking your internal dialogue on a daily basis.

You know me, I’m the queen of shortcuts, I’ve managed to find one for just about all areas of emotional eating, food cravings and self-sabotage, but this baby has been much much harder…

BUT, I have found a few strategies that I want to share with you in this email…

If you’ve grown up in the western world, the reality is that we have been programmed to feel that “I am not enough.”

The movies, magazines, even social media, portrays the constant in your face negative programming  “you need to look like this to be worthy.”

And here’s the funny thing: even celebrities struggle with this, Angelina Jolie has been in the worst depression of her life, the reason? She’s struggling with the fact that she’s aging…

Marylin Monroe who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world suffered from such low self-esteem she had a “nanny” with her at all times to follow her around and tell her how beautiful and amazing she was… whaaaaatttt?????

If Marylin Monroe and Angelina Jolie have low self-esteem, what chance do the rest of us have?

The answer: its all in your head…

Your life is the sum of what you tell yourself it is.

Meaning, if you want to stop hating your body, you have to stop, and change the negative thoughts in your head.

One of the Tapping for Weight Loss Coaches in training suggested a book called: When women stop hating their bodies’ Hirshmann & Munter

And, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

This isn’t something that goes away with a little tapping, I have to check myself pretty much daily, but I can tell you, it gets much, much easier the more you practice it.  

Right now I’m in my second home, Playa del Carmen Mexico where I’ve lived the last 5 years.

I must have put on a few LB’s in the last month because I put on my bathing suit and it was too tight.

I almost went down that rabbit hole- OMG, what have you done? I can’t believe you gained weight? How could you let this happen? You were doing so well, you’ll never get there… you know the drill ;-)

But instead, I decided to accept myself and these extra few pounds, and buy a bigger bathing suit that makes me feel amazing in the body I have now.

This doesn’t mean I’ve accepted my bigger size; this weight will come off easily in the next few months… I just didn’t want to spend my vacation not feeling good about myself beating myself up over a few extra pounds.

So here are the steps to a better body image no matter how much you weigh or have gained:

Whenever you notice yourself feeling bad about your body follow these steps

  1. Stop and rewind the tape, write down the last 5 things you just said to yourself.
  2. Say those out loud while you tap.
  3. Decide how you want to feel about your body instead: ie: I choose to accept my body as it is now, or I choose to feel empowered and strong in my body
  4. Repeat that mantra often- you don’t even need to tap while you say it, just write it down and repeat whenever you start feeling bad- its better if you tap but don’t use not being able to tap as an excuse to NOT do this.
  5. Take yourself shopping- there’s nothing worse than having nothing to wear… Personally, shopping is not something I enjoy but once per year I usually get one of my fashion-forward friends to come with me and help.

I recently found this company its a custom styled box delivered to your house with new clothes every month. You wear them for as long as you want and then send them back or you can keep them for 50% off the price tag. This seems to be a super budget-friendly option- the packages range from $59 to $79 per month. I just ordered mine today :-)

I hope this list is helpful, I am sooooo sooo sorry if you’ve been feeling bad about yourself, AND please know its something you can absolutely choose to change if you decide to.

With all my love,



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