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Emotional Freedom Technique


Last Night I ate a whole bar of chocolate

Something I haven’t done in years…

I think alcohol had something to do with it, and maybe unresolved issues with an ex, but you know what I did the next day?

I forgave myself.

I didn’t:

Wake up and punish myself by starting a new diet,
Starve myself till 5pm,
Beat myself up all day long,
Call myself names like fat and loser.

Instead, when I woke up, I honored the part of me that made me binge. I accepted that it had a good reason to, and opened myself to the message it had for me. Once I understood its message, I acknowledged that I’ve been avoiding some emotionally important things, and made an agreement with myself to work on these. I thanked this part for “reminding me” that I always have more work to do, and then promptly made an appointment to see my therapist so I could do some tapping and make peace with myself once again.

You see, bingeing behavior is always giving us a message. It’s letting us know there is some part of us that we are avoiding. Something that needs resolution and attention. Wallowing in guilt after a binge will only lead to more overeating.

Heres what I suggest;

Rather than beat yourself up after a binge, acknowledge the gift you are being given and open yourself up to the message in it. You stand to learn a lot about yourself by doing so.

Here’s a script to help:

Tapping on the karate chop point, tune into your body:

Even though I binged last night
I love and accept myself
Even though I ate uncontrollably
I respect myself anyways
Even though I binged until I was sick
I forgive myself and am open to the message in this

Tapping through the points:

I totally binged last night
I hate when I do that
I feel so sick in the morning
Soooo guilty
Why do I always do this to myself?
I always feel terrible the next day
And it doesn’t ever fix anything
Yet I continue to do it
Over and over and over
I’m so mad at myself
So frustrated
So disappointed
But I realize that beating myself up
Isn’t going to change anything
So I’m willing to consider looking at this in a new way
The old way hasn’t worked,
So I give myself permission to be curious about my behavior last night
Instead of judging it, like I normally do
I wonder what that was all about?
maybe there is a message for me
I wonder what this is trying to tell me?
I open myself up to an answer
Even if I don’t understand it right now
I trust that Some part of me does
And I honor that part for getting my attention
Even though I don’t like it’s methods, I’m open to understanding the
message it has for me
And I agree to address whatever comes up when it’s safe and appropriate
I trust the truth of what’s really under this will be revealed to me
In timing that’s in alignment with my highest good.

Deep breath

Notice what comes up. Go with the first thing that comes to the surface. Even if you think it’s trivial, it’s not. Write it down and call your Skinny Gene sister, tapping buddy, or coach and tap/talk it out.

Keep in mind that you are making an agreement with yourself to deal with this. If you get a message from your body and don’t deal with it, you’ll find yourself back in the same overeating loop.

If you do this exercise, make the commitment to see it through.

You’ll be really happy you did.

If you feel called to share, leave me a comment and let me know what came up for you. :-)

Lots of love,


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