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Image: Brittany Watkins working with a student on her cravings. Kansas City, MO. Video: Brittany explains your quiz results.

Hey there! It’s Brittany.

Based on your quiz answers, to get rid of your cravings . . .

You have to remove a deep mental block that I call, ““.

This letter explains that mental block. Then it gives you a solution to remove the block so that you can finally lose weight.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about your cravings for a minute.

Was curiosity the only reason you took the quiz?

Of course not!

You took it because food cravings control your life.

Trust me, I KNOW what it’s like . . .

You spend hours thinking and planning your next meal, or wondering how you can eat a nice big brownie and not have it really “count”.

You think about food for waaaay too many hours of the day. And to top it all off, the cravings TOTALLY mess with your weight loss!

You want freedom from cravings. I can show you how to get it.

Imagine you are at a party or a holiday event. There’s that tempting dessert tray . . .

What if I were to tell you that with a very simple solution that I’m about to show you:

You will be able to eat a cookie or piece of cake and only a couple bites will be enough to satisfy you.

What if you no longer felt that craze to eat guilt-food until it is all gone or until you feel sick . . . ?

What if I could help you feel totally in control around your favorite treats?

What if you could just have a few bites without feeling the need to polish off the entire thing . . . ?

How great would that be?

Would you like to know how to eat the foods you love without overdoing it? If you could, how would this affect your weight loss?

Ok, ok . . . So now I’m sure you are wondering, “What’s the secret? How do I do this?”

Or you might be thinking, “Yeah, right . . . There is no way this is possible . . . What’s the catch?”

If you are doubtful, I get it . . . I was too.

There are a million diets and weight loss programs out there . . .

And almost all of them failed me . . .

So let me prove this totally different solution will work for you.

There is a reason that I have gotten over 600 unsolicited emails from past students telling about 1) how much weight they lost 2) how their cravings ended 3) how much their self-love increased.

But first . . .

Let’s look at your quiz results

You have made a GREAT DECISION by taking this quiz. First you are going to find the root cause of your cravings and how to get rid of it.


Now, I do NOT expect you to believe that this is why you have uncontrollable cravings . . .

And that’s totally fine. I mean, these are very new ideas.

The good news is, you don’t have to believe me in order to lose weight.

All you have to do is try a very powerful technique. This technique eliminates any food craving in less than 5 minutes, completely naturally. And you can use it at your home or anywhere you have a craving.

This solution has cured me and thousands of others from a lifetime of addictive food cravings. It has helped us FINALLY lose the extra weight for good, all in a matter of weeks or months.

And I want to share it with YOU, today . . .

You will experience it working for yourself. Then you can let me explain in more detail about weight loss blockers.

Now, you might have the burning question:

“Are you sure this will work for me?”

Here are 4 Facts You Should Know

  • Weight NOT Gained Back: In the last 4 years of keeping tabs, none of the students who lost more than 10 pounds ever gained the weight back!! This is because their weight loss blocker was removed. (This was out of 35 survey participants)
  • Total Pounds Lost: Students surveyed lost an average of 19.8 pounds in 6 months. The most weight lost was 72 pounds and the least amount lost was 10 pounds.
  • Amazing Feedback: We have gotten over 600 unsolicited emails from past students telling us about how much weight they lost, how their cravings ended, and how their self-love increased.
  • Success Data: So far, 812 (and counting) of my official students have successfully lost weight. Thousands of unofficial ones have told me how much I changed their lives after they experienced my speaking engagements or workshops.

These are amazing results, right?!

And often enough, it all started with the simple quiz that you just took. Oh, and by the way, my good friend and Best-Selling weight loss author, Jon Gabriel, has given the quiz his seal of approval.

So will this work for you? My answer is, “YES! This can definitely work for you”.

Just to put a couple faces behind these facts, let’s meet two of our success stories, Marge and Katie . . .



Besides the 812, many more unofficial ones have approached or messaged me to tell me how much I changed their lives after my speaking engagements or workshops.

I have done workshops in: San Francisco, CA – New York, NY – Austin, TX – Kansas City, MO . . . And even internationally in Belgium and Mexico

In a survey of 54 participants of my program, 35 answered. They lost an average of 19.8 pounds in 6 months with the highest being 72 pounds and the lowest being 10 pounds.

The most amazing part, is that NO ONE HAS EVER GAINED THE WEIGHT BACK.

We have tracked students for 4 years now and not ONE of them has ever gained weight back.

That’s because they cleared the root cause of the extra weight. And it all started with the simple quiz you took. Oh, and by the way, my good friend and Best Selling weight loss author, Jon Gabriel, has given the quiz his seal of approval.

So will this work for you? My answer is yes, this can definitely work for you.

*/ ?>

Now, I’m sorry to be so direct, but . . .

This WILL happen if you keep taking the band-aid approach to weight loss:

You will continue to feel anxious and insecure about your body. It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it?

Any unhappiness in your relationships caused by your struggles will only get worse.

You will not be able to stick with any diets, no matter how sound they are.

And you will continue with the nightmare-cycle of horrible diets, starvation, weight loss, and weight gain.

I know this all because I have been there myself. And so have my students who have now been freed from this nightmare.

It’s time for a change. Time to get your life back. And it all starts with an online training session that I do regularly. This training will show you the powerful technique that stops any food cravings in minutes.

Normally, this amazing, life-changing experience is $297. People familiar with my work and success have made that investment.

If you had a crystal ball, and could see this training help you lose 10, 20, 30, or more pounds . . . wouldn’t this be a worthwhile investment? Yes, it would be.

Would it still be a good investment at an 87% discount? Yesss . . . And how about this– would it be worth it if you could prove to yourself that it works without risking a single penny? You bet it would!

Well, this is your lucky day . . .

I am looking to change as many lives as possible, and in order to do that, I need to reach people who are not familiar with my method.

So I am making a one-of-a-kind offer:

**No-More-Cravings Performance Guarantee**

Do the 5-minute mental exercise you will learn in this online training

If it removes cravings for any food you choose, make the $37 investment

If it does not, the training stays FREE

Gift Plus, you will get a very cool surprise Gift in the mail

This risk-free online training is your first step towards a new you. You can have a life of:

  • No more battles
  • No more binging
  • No more deprivation
  • No more sneaking food when no one is looking
  • No more feeling stuffed and bloated
  • No more lose-10-pounds, gain-10-pounds back

You CAN have that. I promise.

Remember this amazing fact: 35 students let us keep tabs on them. In the 4 years of following them:

*No student who lost more than 10 pounds gained the weight back!!*

This is because the cause of their cravings was removed.

If you read this far, you are serious about losing weight. And, more importantly, you are ready to start losing weight today.

The quiz revealed your weight loss blocker. This letter explained it. And now YOU can remove it with the training. So my last question to you is:

When will you watch this weight loss training?

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Go ahead, get freedom from cravings, once and for all! Please choose when to watch the training. See you soon. ;-)


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