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Essential Oils For Weight Loss and Body Confidence (and Alchemist’s Recipe)

I’ve been studying alchemy with a master alchemist all weekend in New Mexico.

I don’t know if you saw my post about my last minute decision to study with an alchemist on Instagram, if you didn’t, click here to follow me there

You’ll also find a graph of the ancient alchemist manifestation code posted there. (its em, kind of amazing)

I can’t put into words everything I’ve learned here yet, there will surely be more to come, but I wanted to give you something cool right now.

Firstly, I’m learning how to turn lead into gold… haha, not really… well, that’s the advanced class… :-)

What I am learning now is how to work with any plant, animal, or mineral to make a spagyric (an herbal medicine produced by alchemical procedures) to heal any ailment.

Naturally, I asked my teacher what he would recommend for women struggling with weight loss.

If you already work with oils, feel free to use this recipe.

OR if you have never worked with them, right now I recommend using Doterra oils.

My sister got me into Doterra after it changed her family’s life, her kids used to get sick every month, they haven’t been sick for over a year now)

I was a major skeptic, but after using the oils, I too became hooked… Basically, any problem you have can be fixed with oil. Can’t sleep? Use an oil, tummy feeling bad? Use an oil. I got the sickest I’ve ever been in Thailand last summer, used an oil and got better… Normally I would have used antibiotics.

Since then I’ve been hooked.

If you sign up for Doterra using my link, and decide to join and save you’ll get 25% discount on all products you buy. It’s $25 per year and you get a free oil (totally worth it, in my opinion)

NOT ONLY THAT, I’ll be able to offer you LIVE classes to use these oils to better your life, heal any health issue, stabilize your emotions, AND to make your own oils just like the alchemist’s (if you’re interested in that). There’s also an option to become a wellness advocate, which means you can sell Doterra for wholesale (like I can) apparently it’s a great business model and you can make great money doing it. That’s NOT why I am telling you about this… actually, my sister has been trying to get me to promote this for a long time but it wasn’t until my alchemy class that I truly understood the power essential oils have. However, If you want to get into the business side of things, just shoot me an email and I’ll connect you with the right person.

Here’s the Alchemist Recipe for Weight Loss

First work on the digestion for 1 month

Second, Heal the Liver and Kidneys

Third Heal the Circulation

Fourth Nervous system

Month 1: Heal Your Digestion

Digestion- Take 1-3 drops per day in a glass of water on an empty stomach of

Digest Zen – This is the oil that healed my sickness in Thailand





Month 2: Heal your Liver and Kidneys

Zendocrine Blend – works with the liver and kidneys – take 1-3 drops per day in glass of water for one month





Month 3: Heal your Circulation

Black Pepper Oil and Clove Oil for circulation take 1-3 drops per day in glass of water for one month





Month 4:  Heal Your Nervous system

MaraJoram Oil – Apply to the back of neck and bottoms of feet to lessen stress






Clary Sage- drop 3-4 drops into water and drink each day, during your menses or if you are menopausal rub it on your belly






For body image issues he told me to work with Jupiter plants which correlate to the 2nd Chakra

  • Grapefruit
  • Juniper Berry
  • Neem
  • Lemon Balm
  • Peppermint

If you don’t want to buy all of these, It just so happens Doterra has a blend called Slim and Sassy, which I has 3 of the 5 ingredients he mentioned.

If you buy the other oils above, Zendocrine has Juniper Berry, and you can buy neem separately.

The other oils in this blend help promote metabolism, and it really does… my body temperature has raised a lot since I’ve taken this oil.



Happy cleansing!

Here are the links again to sign up for discounted Doterra products, join and save  to get 25% discount on all products (Don’t forget, I’ll be teaching LIVE Alchemy classes so you can learn how to use these oils to better your life, heal any health issue, stabilize your emotions, AND increase the potency of these oils by 500% (a secret trick I learned in my class this weekend) :=)




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