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How to STOP anxiety when something bad happens


Have you ever had something terrible happen to you that threw you into complete panic mode immediately? It could be a major trauma, or something as simple as spilling your cup of coffee on the way to work.

If you are familiar with tapping, then I’m sure you already know how to tap on things that cause you anxiety…

But sometimes tapping doesn’t necessarily STOP the panic every time you repeatedly think about the situation.

What if there were another way? A way to actually delay your panic, and in the meantime it could even help you reframe your perception of the event?

Here is a special video I made for you talking about how to use both EFT/Tapping and positive mindset work to delay anxiety about a particular bad situation.



  1. Abigail

    Love it!! Great suggestions! I will share…

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins11-30-2016

      Thank you babe! xo

  2. Susana

    Thank Britt really useful, but please speak sloooow… for non English people is difficult to follow you in this video…ja, ja

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins11-30-2016

      Haha ok sorry susana! Ill keep that in mind for next time :-)

  3. Leslie

    Hi Brittany,

    I genuinely thank you for this post (and your site). Even though I’ve heard about EFT before, I haven’t seriously thought of / found a way to apply it in my daily life until I found your site. I’ve been doing this for a few days to get rid of work-related stress and it works! I will let my friends know this simple yet super effective way of dealing with stress and anxiety, and I think they’ll feel the same thankful as I do.

    • Brittany Watkins
      Brittany Watkins11-30-2016

      Right on Leslie! I love to hear that. I love introducing new people to eft! Keep passing it on :-)

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