How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2


Oprah Winfrey was raped by a relative when she was 9 years old. Based on my research and work with thousands of women, that ordeal caused her famous yo-yo dieting. A few years ago, I discovered something called weight loss blockers, which are decisions the subconscious part of our brain makes about how much we should weigh.

See, when you have weight loss blockers, your brain thinks it has REALLY GOOD reasons to hold onto extra weight.   One of the weight loss blockers I discovered is called “I’m too sexy.” It’s all about how negative sexual experiences cause you to crave unhealthy foods and overeat. When you have the “I’m too sexy” weight loss blocker, your brain thinks its actually doing you a favor by keeping extra weight on. This way, you are more protected from unwanted attention. Doesn’t it make sense that if you’ve been violated sexually, your brain would cause you to crave things like ice cream, pizza, chocolate, soda, or tell you to eat when you’re not really hungry? We all know these behaviors cause extra weight. What you probably don't know is this is your brain's way of making sure you are NEVER violated again.   That’s why it’s so hard to stick to a diet, and why you’ll eventually cave in and eat cookies or chocolate or whatever you told yourself you would stop eating to get healthy. Your brain thinks it’s actually UNSAFE to lose weight. I’ve helped thousands of women turn this weight loss blocker off. Just like a switch, you can tell your brain you’re safe now, that you’re no longer in danger. Once your brain gets the safety message, it no longer has a “good reason” to hold onto the extra weight and the pounds can fall off. My dream is to help EVERY WOMAN who’s ever posted “me too” on their facebook feed. To let them know there IS help, there IS a FAST, EASY process that can heal these old traumas, so your brain gets the message “I’m safe now” and“it’s safe to let go of this weight”. To learn more about this, take this short 30-second quiz, (is quiz too buzzy? We could use 30 second survey instead) which will give you an in-depth report about your #1 weight loss blocker, and how to flip your switch so your body knows it's safe to release the weight now. Most weight loss coaches don’t deal with such sensitive issues… In fact, most weight loss coaches don’t even know these deep-lying issues are the reasons for extra weight in the first place. If I didn’t share this, I’d be doing a disservice to every woman who’s ever struggled with her weight.   She would still be stuck at home, frustrated and confused… Wondering why she just can’t lose weight. Wondering why she cant stick to a diet. Beating herself up thinking its her fault. I want you to know this is NOT your fault. And there IS a solution for this, right now, at your fingertips. Do you think you have the “I’m too sexy” weight loss blocker? Take this short 30-second quiz to find out. Once completed, you’ll get an in-depth report on your #1 weight loss blocker and how to overcome it. It's my hope that you'll finally understand why you haven't been able to lose weight, and have the tools and exact steps you need to reach your goals.   With all my love,   Brittany Watkins