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Project Manager for fast-growing, women-run Internet business

You’re organized. In fact, you’re the most organized person you know…people even make fun of you for it sometimes.
You can see the big picture and know how to break it down into small, digestable pieces and you’re great at both delegating and doing what it takes to get the task done.
You’ve managed a team before and you’re great at it. You’re interested in a position with growth potential.

You’re tech savvy…not in a programming way, but in a “I-can-figure-this-out” kind of way.
You’re smart, you’re self-motivated, you’re driven and you want to be a part of something that is making a difference in the world. You don’t want a job, you want to make a contribution, and make money doing it.

This is a full-time salaried position with the potential for bonus based on percentage of company revenue.


We are a fast-growing Internet business that helps women overcome emotional eating and lose weight.

We are looking for someone who can run the day-to-day tasks of the company, the clients, and manage the projects and contractors.
And we are willing to come to you. We’ve been a virtual Internet company for 2 years but our rapidly expanding business requires a more collective environment.
We need someone who is comfortable managing 4-6 independant contractors in varying time zones and countries.
Knowledge of email marketing a plus.

– Become familiar with our programs, campaigns, funnels, backend systems, and brand “voice”
– Work directly with the President/CEO on creating, planning, and executing new marketing funnels and initiatives
– Turn marketing ideas/concepts into specific tasks, timelines and deliverables
– Daily management of a small team in varying time zones and countries
– Oversee creation of multimedia sales and marketing materials (audios, images, videos, webinars, teleclasses, PDFs, eBooks, etc.) from soup to nuts: Concept, copy, design, edits, testing.
– Work with IT Manager on campaign systems architecture: Email, CRM/Marketing Automation, Shopping Cart/Payment Gateway, etc.
– Manage the mapping and creation of new “evergreen” sales funnels
– Plan and execute lead generation, email opt-in, and affiliate initiatives
– Collect and track campaign metrics to gauge sales volume, conversion, ROI, etc.
– Manage email marketing calendar and post all appropriate content emails to blog
– Live event and workshop planning, promotion and management
– Work closely with the President/CEO on miscellaneous other tasks/initiatives on an as-needed basis

If this sounds like what you’ve been dreaming of, please submit a VIDEO COVER LETTER to (we like to “read” your energy this way before interviewing). All applications without videos will be immediately discarded.

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