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My Latest Hacks (i’ve never shared before) Supplements, Detox’s and People I follow


It’s Friday, , Time for
Flavors of the Week!

Every other Friday expect to get a sneak peak into my personal life where I’ll share with you what I’m reading, who I’m following, health-hacks I’m trying, supplements I’m taking and so much more!

Favorite Instagram Quote

As I Began To Love Myself

My Relationship

With Everyone


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This is so true it’s not even funny… I’ve been teaching tapping for more than 7 years now, USING tapping on myself for 22 years… and I can say without a doubt that when you work on yourself, the people around you have NO CHOICE but to change…

The reason this happens (my belief system, maybe not yours) is that we have soul contracts with our family, parents, and people who trigger us the most… it is THEIR JOB (an agreement you made with them) to FU^K you up.

Once you genuinely heal from your wounds, their contract is null and void, and they no longer need to be the “villain or wounder” in your life…

It might not happen overnight, but over time (sometimes many years, you will see them shift)

I have had COUNTLESS conversations with students who come back to me a year (or sometimes years) later to report their mom, dad, grandparent did something entirely out of character (in a good way), and they can now be closer to that person…

I’ve seen this happen with my own relationship with mother. I’ve come to a place where I am SOOOO grateful for our struggles when I was younger bc it made me who I am today, and now, she’s the
most amazing, sweetest most loving mother and grandmother ever. It took us 20 years, but I’m soooo glad I put in the work for myself and her.

Person I am Following: Hot and Flashy

My Favorite new YOUTUBER! Follow her Channel HERE

I LOVE this lady so much.. She’s a 50 something woman who started her channel 5 years ago and looks YOUNGER now than when she started.. She tests all the latest skin care, anti-aging products and even teaches women (of a certain age) how to do their makeup to stay young and fresh looking. This was so cool for me, I had no idea makeup tips change as we get older! I implemented
them immediately and love the results.

She’s analytical, gives excellent information, and I swear my skin looks SO much better since I started following her advice.

In FULL transparency, I do get botox, fillers, and IPL’s and ALL the things to help me stay looking fresh and feeling confident (although nothing has
helped me slow the aging process more than tapping!!!) I find nothing wrong with women doing things that make themselves feel good.

People might judge me for doing these things, but I don’t care… this is me and I’m happy with who I am.

My favorite product she turned me onto is called Curology – Which I’m about to share more about down below.. keep reading :-)

Anti-Aging Face Cream I’m Trying: Curology

Hot and Flashy turned me onto this stuff, and OMG, its saved me SOOO much money. It’s tightened my skin takes the dead layer off, and makes me all glowy and fresh.

The way it works
is, you text with a licensed dermatologist and she creates a unique blend for you depending on what you want help with.

Sagging skin, age spots, acne, whatever you need, they will make a combination for you and deliver it to your door every month. You can text your assigned dermatologist with any questions you have and get an answer asap.

I’m NOT an affiliate for them, I just freaking love their products. Check out my before and after photos.

This before and after was taken after only ONE month.. Look how the little bit of sagging skin in my jaw line is
totally different!

Click here to check them out!



This book has changed my life. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve struggled to have healthy, fulfilling relationships. After my divorce a few years ago, I took a deeeeep dive into
understanding the psychology of relationships and attachment styles.
Why do some people pull away and others become needy? … Where does that come from? What childhood wounds create these different styles? Why do some people fight and argue, and why is it so hard to have good, happy, fulfilling relationships with people we truly love?…

These were my questions, and this book answered MOST of them.

And while I don’t pretend to be an expert, I feel SO MUCH more confident in choosing partners, and understanding the dynamics of relationships.

Its helped me identify patterns in partners or potential partners that I know will or won’t work for me long term. I’m able to quickly choose the people to invest my time in just by noticing a few things about their behavior and actions towards me. I’m also able to cut off something that is wrong a lot faster knowing their attachment
style (probably) will not change and would be a BIG struggle for me to deal with.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ALLLL my past relationship struggles suddenly made sense when I read this book. I give it to almost everyone I know.


Supplement I’m Using:
Adrenal Support Crashed Balance

Dr. Christianson is in a health mastermind with me, he’s an expert on hormones and an overall amazing human who TRULY cares about his patients not just the money.

I’ve struggled with adrenal fatigue on and off for 7 years. I’ve literally tried every adrenal supplement on planet earth and have spent thousands of dollars on different things.

A few weeks ago, I was teetering on edge again, and a friend suggested I try his brand.

I seriously had low expectations, (nothing has ever worked that well).

I kid you not, within a week I was back to normal again…

I’m not an affiliate for him, I’m just a fan and ordered my 2nd month supply yesterday. I will be taking these daily. I give out packs to my friends often.

Look around his site; he has a few
things that might be helpful if you struggle with fatigue.


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