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My Personal Story With Food

I have to be honest with you, for years I thought people who talked about certain foods causing emotional eating were total quacks. I thought, “They have NO idea what it’s like to be an emotional eater… They think I can just STOP eating sugar? They think I can just change my diet and I’ll no longer experience this constant battle with food?! They have no idea what they’re talking about…”

It seriously pissed me off.

And then something happened… my legs started to itch. I went to doctor after doctor and was given a different remedy by each one. Here’s a cream, here’s a pill, and the last one even diagnosed a psychogenic disease, which means, it’s all in your head!

But despite all the different creams and pills, the itching continued. I was also consulting my doctor about my chronic fatigue, a symptom that never seemed to relent no matter how much sleep I got.

Then one day I was talking to a friend of mine who also happens to be a nutritionist. I told her about my itchy leg syndrome and chronic fatigue and she immediately prescribed me a new eating plan.

“Just try this for two weeks and tell me if the itching goes away and you feel better.”

Two weeks? That’s all..? At that point, I would have hopped on my right leg and whistled the star spangled banner for two weeks if I thought it would have helped. Sure! I’m in.

The first few days I was tired and cranky. Probably would have thrown the towel in but I was really committed to feeling better, and I knew about this little technique called tapping, so it wasn’t such a big deal.

By the end of week one my tongue had a weird filmy coating, and my breath smelled like 10,000 little gremlins had been living in my stomach since birth. I asked my nutritionist friend if this was normal and she told me that it was, and to just hang in there, only one more week to go…

Oufff. OK… fine. I did have more energy though and despite changing my diet, I was eating A LOT of food so I wasn’t feeling deprived.

Week two rolled around without me even thinking about it. I got a call from her checking in, “Hey Brittany, how are those itchy legs of yours?”

OMG, itchy legs! They hadn’t itched once and I had completely forgotten about the itching until she asked!!

I thanked her profusely, asked more questions about food, and decided to stick with this new eating plan for a few more weeks.

By week four my energy and happiness levels were at a high I hadn’t felt in years. I was clearheaded, spunky and emotionally grounded. My nose (which was habitually filled with clumpy boogers – TMI I KNOW) was completely clear, and my sense of smell and taste buds were totally rejuvenated. I could smell fresh air and the cupcakes my neighbors were making. An apple tasted like the sweetest, most delectable dessert and the “package food” that was my normal go-to was completely unappealing.

It was only then that I realized I had not binged in weeks… I didn’t rip into bags of potato chips or polish off a whole box of crackers, and I hadn’t wanted to either.

At this point in my journey with food I had done A LOT of tapping on my cravings and emotional eating, but I was STILL sometimes feeling compulsive about food.

Changing my diet was the next step for me, and it’s what finally healed my relationship with food.

Unfortunately, those “quacks” were right. There are harmful chemicals in our food that cause us to overeat, lack energy, and to feel emotionally unstable and unhappy.

Every time I binged, I always thought I had “more work to do” and little did I know the problem was in the food I was eating, not my emotions.

I want to challenge you to take a good look at the foods you are putting into your body. If you want to end your struggle with weight once and for all, you have to change the way you eat.

Yours in health,

PS: In the 10-Day Sugar Detox Program Maria has outlined a meal plan just like the one that got me started on my road to health and happiness. If you’d like to explore this, I really hope you will join us. It’s the lowest priced class I’ve ever offered, mainly because I believe in this cause so passionately that I want everyone to have access to this information.

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