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Rave Reviews from Skinny Gene Graduates

From Laura 3/26/12

Hi Brittany,
When I signed up, I really had no idea what your program was all about, and to be honest, when I received that first e-mail, I internally did a little eye roll and thought, “oh great”.

BUT, even when I’m skeptical, I’m still willing to try.

As I was reading that e-mail I was also dealing with a compulsive habit I’ve had since I was in third grade – chewing my cuticles. It’s something I find myself doing once I get home at the end of the day if I’m sitting watching TV or reading, anytime my hands are otherwise idle. It ebbs and flows as all things do, but on that night and the few nights previous, it was so bad that my jaw was aching and my fingers hurt. I finally resorted to wearing gloves to keep my fingers out of my mouth!
So I used your craving technique on it.
I haven’t chewed since and it’s been over two weeks now!

Even if I never get anything more out of it than I already have, I’m just so thankful that I’ve joined your class!

Thank you!!
– Laura

From Tony 4/12/12
Hi, Brittany!

I’m experiencing some great benefits from your program that I want to share with you:
I’m less anxious about food— I’m not experiencing the old, “I’m feeling hungry, I must eat in the next few minutes or there will be dire consequences!”
Feeling less guilty about eating and am more trusting of myself.
I am more focused on what food my body wants, and eat that.
I’m not bingeing on previously forbidden foods.
I ate something that tasted REALLY GOOD, and I thought “I want more of that”, and then thought, “Eating more of it is not going to make it taste any better!” and so I stopped (after eating some, but not all )and thoroughly enjoyed it·
I am recognizing more clearly what food tastes like as I eat it—I stop eating some things immediately!
I’m more focused on how food makes me feel afterwards
I’m eating less.

Thanks so much for doing this program. I’ve been through EFT I, II, and III training in San Francisco, but I just couldn’t get going with tapping on this weight loss issue. You’ve helped incredibly!



From Christine 4/6/12

Hi Brittany,

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great! I had
a real breakthrough with the emotional eating lesson. After listening to the recording on Wednesday and tapping for the emotional eating, I no longer feel compelled to eat snacks. I also don’t feel the need to eat
all of the leftovers in the fridge, if it ends up being thrown away I’m ok with it!

Also, I had a dinner date with a friend last night. Usually, if I know that it’s going to be a while between lunch and dinner I get very concerned that I’m going to get hungry – I always end up eating something, as soon as I get home from work to “prevent” getting hungry. So yesterday before I left work I listened to the week 4 recording and what a difference! Instead of feeling like I needed a meal, I ate a banana and felt great! I am so amazed at the progress and I really want to thank you for showing me the way.


Janice 3/24/12

My schedule does not allow for me to be available during call time. Just wanted to share this odd generalization. Ive worked on my cravings for food and am now having an irresistible craving to take a walk. I have been exercise resistant for years. This week I have walked at least one mile and sometimes two per day. I stopped at the park before I came home on two occasions and walked a mile. If I go home after work after a long day, usually 10 or 11 hours, I’m done in. I’ve gone into work about 20 minutes early all four days this week and checked email and voice mail and then went outside and walked around our building twice which is about a mile. I would never have done that 3 weeks ago. What the heck is that all about??? I feel so great about the walking!!! Thanks for your coaching. Janice


From Mariyn 3/25/12

Hello Brittany,

I couldn’t make last week’s call but listened to the recording. I do eat pretty well and only have about 10 pounds to lose. I feel like I “do everything right” yet im stuck at the same weight month after month. And I work out a lot. Well, something must have jiggled loose Friday because I dropped 3 pounds over the weekend! I feel like I’ve been holding on to the weight and it’s not about calories in, calories out. I guess I released the need to hold on and it just dropped off. Very exciting!

I’ve tried tapping on my own for years and nothing changed. Not sure if it’s the group dynamic, or you dredged up the right words or what, but I’m awestruck!

I participated in the first craving call for my craving of red wine. My wine consumption is exactly half what it used to be. I didn’t want to give wine up entirely, “half” is exactly where I wanted to land. And it’s been sooo easy. In fact, I didn’t have any tonight, I didnt even open a bottle!

You know you have a success story in the making!
Thank you!



From Alyna 3/31/12
Hi Brittany,

I did listen to the MP3 from this week. It’s so crazy how helpful it is to listen to other people process their challenges. It’s even more crazy when I hear someone verbalize MY challenge!

I’ve had a variety of successes lately. First of all, my dear husband bought me a bag of Peanut M&M’s as a treat (living in the Philippines, it’s super expensive to get our traditional candies, so this was a big splurge on his part). I love Peanut M&M’s… and I don’t want them. I ate a couple the other night, then gave the rest of my handful to my husband. I haven’t really tapped about candy or sweets specifically, yet I still don’t desire, crave, or over-indulge.

I’ve also been much more aware of my food intake. The first time I heard you say something with regard to how we are really satisfied with small quantities of food, I thought you were working really hard to convince us to buy into portion control… Now I realize I don’t really need to think about portions- if I listen to my body, it will let me know the right portion. I also have become aware of how uncomfortable I was making myself with overstuffing.

I’m really excited for these baby steps. I don’t feel like anything has changed with my body in terms of pounds lost or clothes fitting differently, and I’m okay with that for now. I’m just excited for this experience of developing a healthy relationship with food.

Thanks a ton,


Skinny Genes has finally freed me from the obsession of cravings. I used to go to movies for the popcorn and candy…now I forget to order them. I can and do have a bag of open chips in the same room as me and it doesn’t even cross my mind to have any. At last!!! It’s NOT will power…it’s the effortless new state that comes with a true tapping release. Thank you Brittany!

Ann Shepherd