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Tap and Bitch

I LOVE this technique to manage emotional eating!

You know when you feel really frustrated or anxious about something, but you’re not quite sure what it is?

All you know is that you don’t feel good…

so you start eating…

And eating…

And eating…

Until you’re SO stuffed and bloated that all you can think about is HOW disgusting and bloated you feel!

Here is the good news: You don’t have to feel that way anymore!

This week the students in my Think and Thin Advanced program are working their way through what we call Push The Food Away Bootcamp.

They are learning to become experts at using my Echo Tapping technique – you might remember this technique from the free video you found on facebook :-)

It is hands-down best way to cure emotional eating….

But Echo Tapping is an advanced technique so (for most people) training is necessary to understand all the amazing things it can fix!

So here’s the next best thing!

I use this straightforward technique whenever I feel frustrated or anxious about ANYTHING and need to find relief quickly.

It’s called Tap and Bitch, created by my friend Brad Reed.

When you are at the point where you are thinking about food, and you KNOW you’re not really hungry, ask yourself this question:

What’s eating me?

More than likely you will come up with a whole mixture of words, thoughts, emotions, situations, relationships, and unsolved problems.

Begin to tap through the points as you say everything you’ve been thinking and feeling, out loud.

Either words will just come to you or, if words do not come, start with “I don’t know what’s eating me but I’m open to understanding it.”

Be passionate and don’t hold back!

Like this:

“I’m sooooo F***ING pissed off at Tom right now! How the HELL can he expect me to do everything around here?? He doesn’t appreciate ANYTHING I do for him. Does he think I’m his servant?? Or his mom?? He won’t even take out the trash! Lazy ass! Spoilt idiot! I’m so frustrated with him and this damn relationship. Sometimes I want to run away with the neighbor…”

You get the idea. :-)

Tap until you feel a sense of relief.

Don’t worry about technique, what to say, or the EFT method, just keep tapping until you feel done. Sometimes it takes five minutes, sometimes longer.

The key here is not to focus on ONE single problem but to keep tapping until you feel an emotional shift, which is often accompanied by a yawn, a sigh, or a release of muscular tension.

You might have some realizations after doing this…

For example, something that’s been worrying you may no longer seem like a big deal…

And best of all… miraculously, that food you wanted to stuff down has lost its appeal!

Have fun!

XO Britt

P.S. Want more tips and tricks to help you stop overeating on a daily basis? Every day I post videos on Instagram with tips and hacks I’m currently experimenting with every day. You can follow me here. 

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  1. Rebecca Wright
    Rebecca Wright10-25-2018

    I did not receive my free video on ‘Echo Tapping’. Please send to ”” Thanks as I do know some basics but am eager to learn more about it.

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