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This word can make you skinny

I have just finished an interview with Greg Walsh who is writing a book about finding your purpose.

I was honored to be one of the interviewers, along with people like Jack Canfield, Nick Ortner and Margaret Lynch, who have all made their passion their purpose.

For those of you who don’t know my story, I once had a very successful career in the real estate industry. I was one of the youngest and highest paid sales executives at a national bank.

And then the real estate market crashed… and I lost everything. Houses, cars, jewelry, millions of dollars… I eventually filed for bankruptcy.

In the interview he asked me how I turned it all around.

My answer came down to one simple word: truth.

I decided that I needed to start listening to that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I was meant to do something different.

Even if truth meant quitting the security of corporate America, leaving a good but not great relationship and, more recently, throwing my possessions into storage and going to Mexico for an undetermined length of time.

Truth is hard, truth can be scary… but not living your truth is even harder.

And it leads to overeating.

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time studying addiction. What I found repeatedly was that people who are addicted to ANY substance or activity (food, alcohol, shopping, etc.) are usually hiding something, from themselves, or someone else. They are not living their truth and because they hold it inside it’s always there, eating away at them.

And you know what happens when something eats at you?

You eat. To avoid your feelings or to escape in some way.

But it’s a vicious cycle, and I spent YEARS struggling with it. I was not able to hear my truth because I was too busy obsessing about food, my weight, what was wrong with my life, what diet I needed to try next, etc…

It wasn’t until I started living my truth that things started to change, and fast.

If you want to learn more about finding your life’s passion, listen to the interview. You’ll hear me talk about the powerful question that helped me discover what I was really meant to do with my life. I hope it helps you find your truth too.

You can start proclaiming your truth right now by leaving a comment in the box below!

I guarantee you’ll have lots of positive support.

Here’s the audio of the interview, I hope it helps.

Big hugs,



  1. Katrina Rader
    Katrina Rader11-09-2012

    OMG! I just listened to your interview and it just smacked me in the face that my ENTIRE self worth is tied up into the way I look. I think I just figured out the secret I have been keeping from myself and what hold me back from achieving my highest purpose. I think I’ve had glimpses of this but when you said you hit rock bottom. I started to cry. I absolutely have hit rock bottom. I feel like my life is worthless unless I am thin and beautiful. I want out of real estate sooooo bad. You have no idea how bad I have wanted out of it for years. I got into it because of my mom and when the market crashed it was no longer fun to me anymore. I felt that I had to strap on my armor every day to go to work because the people and situations were so sad and terrible. I have yet to get out because I am TERRIFIED. Terrified that I won’t be good at anything else. Even though I am a really great real estate agent, I have no passion for it. I have to work this weekend and I have spent all day today dreading it. Its just something that I don’t have to spend a ton of time working at but I can still make good money for the input of time.
    I know what I want to do. I want to help people get healthy. I have always been obsessed with supplements, nutrition and how the body assimilates and processes everything that is put in it. So many people are so sick with cancers and chronic illnesses. I know that if they would change their diets and give the body what it needs to heal, they could feed the immune system and heal their bodies back to perfect health. About a month ago, I discovered this organic, wild harvested, 85-90% live, raw food line of supplements. It was formulated by Dr. Lindsey Duncan. I got to hear him speak last weekend which was inspiring and I am so grateful. I went back to my mother and told her that I wanted to start coaching people back to health and that this line of supplements could be the first step. Once they start feeling better, better eating and education about food will follow. She told me that I had to lose all my weight before people would take me seriously because I certainly did not look the picture of health with the extra 40 lbs. I am back to being scared and resigned to real estate.
    This is my passion. I already do it for free. I have been educating people about proper nutrition and how to properly feed the body since I was a kid. I want to help people learn how to appreciate and care for this AMAZING body that we have been given and that we don’t have to live vertically ill.
    Eating is not my problem but I think I gained this weight so that I was open to the messages that I was meant to receive. Without the weight gain and subsequent health issues, I would have NEVER started seeking…..I know I am meant to do more in this life then I am currently doing but I’m scared and I don’t know where to go from here.
    I wanted to write this because, even though we have never met, I hear you speak a few times a week, I check in with your Facebook page, and I think of you as my friend. :) I just want you to know that I view you as someone I aspire to be and I appreciate all the wonderful things you are doing to help me and everyone that is going through your programs. I admire you for getting off the hamster wheel and doing great things with your life. I want that so much for myself. I hope with your guidance and friendship that I can follow in your footsteps of healing myself and then being able to share my experience and heal others.
    Thanks for reading!

    Katrina Rader

    • brittwatkins

      Im So proud of you Katrina! Congratulations on stepping into your truth. You took your power back! Cant wait to see how wonderfully your new life unfolds… :-)

  2. Mario

    Hi Brittany,

    What an amazing interview! I wish that this interview was longer, I really wanted to hear a few more advices from you.

    I love the way you think, it inspires me to be better, to do more, to achieve more. It opens my mind to the possibility of being significant to the World like you are.

    As to the tapping, it is a really cool technique, it is making me aware, it is like whenever I want a croissant, a cake, pizza or whatever at least I am aware that I want it, that it is emotional and I know why I want it.

    Thanks for posting this interview

    • brittwatkins

      Thank you mario! Im glad its helping you. This information changed my life, I hope it does the same for you ;-0

  3. Stephanie Wozniak
    Stephanie Wozniak11-10-2012

    Hi Brittany, Your story is fantastic and truly inspiring. Since I first found your website and EFT I have been telling myself I’m not all that overweight but I sure wish I could do something about this cortisol…imagine my surprise and gratitude listening to this interview today. Think I’ll listen to it again! Thanks.

    • brittwatkins

      That sounds like a tapable topic- Even though I have this cortisol issue… ;=0

  4. Lindy

    Thank you, Brittany! Very inspirational!

  5. Marge

    Thank you Brittany,

    I am so inspired by you. I love the idea of living your truth instead of obsessing about weight. I have really gotten so much out of tapping about my own feelings. I’m an addictions counselor, psychotherapist and artist, I have gotten so much out of your offerings personally and professionally. I’ve often thought about what I would do if I had all the money I need. I would do just what I’m doing, helping people, offering artwork that touches someone, but getting more knowledge and skills to do it with. Thanks for sharing your heart!


    • brittwatkins

      Thank you so much Marge! Im glad you are enjoying the mastermind program! Its great to have you :-) I LOVE helping people too!

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