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Tip # 2 How to Control Your Cravings at Parties

I’ve just arrived back in San Francisco to be with my family for the holidays. On last week’s Mastermind call many participants reported that they felt tempted by all the food at holiday parties. The season is upon us and it’s only natural that we want to eat more.

I know this is an issue for lots of people at this time of year so I’d like to offer some tips and tricks for getting through the holidays without massively overeating.

Sorry this didn’t come sooner, it’s easy to forget about the holidays when you are living in the tropics. :-)

These are some examples of things I’m hearing from people:

“Brittany, why can’t I control my eating when I’m at a party?”
“The second I’m around all those party treats I just can’t stop stuffing my face!”
“The holidays are coming and I am so afraid of all the tempting food that will be around…”

This is a really easy thing to fix if you know what to look for. I’m including a link to a teleclass that will help you to overcome cravings when you are at parties or around your family.

Here’s why you want to eat more when you’re around friends:

First, we connect our feelings to food, rather than people. If you imagine yourself at a party and standing around with all your friends while you’re holding a plate of cookies, where are the good feelings coming from? The cookies? Or your friendships?

What we are REALLY looking for when we go to holiday parties is the loving connection with other people, it’s NOT the food. But in our minds, we have connected the good feelings to the food, it’s almost like those cookies are winking at you from your plate!

So, just for a moment, I want you to imagine feeling that warm “cookie feeling” and bringing it into your heart, like a big ball of light. Then, take that ball of light and send it to someone else in the room, someone you really care about, send it straight to their heart, and have them send it back to you. Pass this ball of light and love—that good cookie feeling—back and forth for a few minutes.

If you’re a tapper, tap through the points as you do this. Don’t worry about what to say, just visualize the scene as you tap through the points.

After a few minutes, you’ll notice your body relax. Look down at the plate of cookies you’re holding and notice how attractive they seem now.

I bet they will lose their appeal quite quickly!

The teleclass available at the link below will walk you through this exercise, just follow along with the demonstrations.

So, this festive season when you are surrounded by food at holiday parties, remember it’s not the food you are craving, it’s the love and connection with the people around you. Do this exercise before a party and let me know how it works for you in the comment in the box below, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Happy Holidays!



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