How a chance meeting with Brittany Watkins changed my life, part 2




So there I was on the doctor’s scale, face-to-face with a number that once upon a time would have brought me to tears. But this time, for the first time ever, I smiled. My weight doesn’t control my emotions anymore. And more importantly, my emotions don’t control my weight. How’d I do it? First and foremost, I stopped dieting. And if you want to lose weight, you might want to consider it too. Here's what you do: Stop putting that fake, crappy, processed “diet” food in your mouth. If I see you with one more can of Diet Coke or low fat yogurt I will slap it out of yo hand girlfriend! These things don't make you thin, they make you fatter—because you crave more filling food. Eat whole foods. Whole yogurt, egg yolks, butter and steak. Stop depriving yourself of what you want. Find the best ice cream you can find, and enjoy every last bite. Don't shame yourself for eating ice cream. Eat it. Own it. And then eat it again the next day if you want. Does the mere idea of eating what you want (without counting calories or running a marathon to make up for it) make your body tighten up? Does it make you want to stop reading RIGHT NOW and go devour the first thing you can find? In the Think-and-Thin program: Stop Eating Emotionally in 6 Powerful Steps, we explore all of these reactions, the diet mentality, and most importantly what you can do to break free from them. Why are diets destined to fail? Because most weight issues don’t stem from the physical body—they come from programs in the MIND. That’s why my students have seen huge successes where most diet programs fail. Take it from Renee, one of my graduates: “I’ve done every other program, so many...none of it’s ever been permanent. But this program made the shifting so much deeper, so much more permanent than anything I’ve ever worked on before. I actually can look at myself in the mirror and smile at myself for the first time in my life.” By addressing the mental programming responsible for cravings and emotional eating, you can reprogram this behavior. That’s what Think-and-Thin 6-week is all about. Click here to learn more about the program. I’ll bring you another transformational tip tomorrow. Hugs, Britt P.S. Grab a free sample of the Think-and-Thin 6-week program by listening to this powerful lesson to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. P.P.S. When you join you’ll get immediate access to a 3-minute brain entrainment video coded with 2 million subliminal messages from Mind Movies Matrix, to help you release the weight even faster. It’s like a digital vision board you can download to your smart phone. It’s so cool! Click here to get it!