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What part of YOUR body do you OBSESS about? We all do it…

Here’s a tapping script to help you stop doing that…
Think about the part of your body that bothers you. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions. Are you frustrated? Disgusted? Ashamed?

How upset does thinking about that body part make you, on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most distressed?

Begin tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I’m frustrated with my body, I love and accept myself.
Even though I’m frustrated with my body, I am learning how to accept myself completely.
Even though I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror, I’m open to the idea that I can love myself and my imperfections.

I am frustrated with my body.
I always pick out what’s wrong.
I hate looking at my reflection.
I hate that part.
It’s so flabby
so bumpy
It doesn’t look the way I want it to.
I wish I looked like her.
I wish I had perfect thighs,
a flat stomach.

I am frustrated with my body.
I want results right now.
I want this weight to be gone now.
This is taking too long.
I’ll never let go of this weight .
I’ll never get over this problem.

I don’t like what I see in the mirror.
My legs are too big, my stomach is too flabby.
I release and let go of this judgment.
I let go of this negative body image.
All my negativity, I release and let it go.
Things can get better, I am starting right now,

I’m committed to improving myself,
I am starting now,
I am starting today,
Each day I am learning to love and accept my body.

Take a deep breath.

Tap on the karate chop point:

Even though I’m still frustrated with my body, I choose to let it be easy.
Even though I’m still frustrated, I am choosing to let it be easy.
Even though I’m ashamed of my body, I choose to love and accept myself as best I can.

I’m still so frustrated, I’m not seeing results.
I feel so stuck.
Nothing is working.
I just want to give up.
It will never work.
All of this disappointment
I release and let it go.

Feeling so stuck, this will never work, I give up.
This disappointment,
I’ll never have that body.
I’ll never be good enough.
I release and let go of this negativity,
I’m worthy and deserving of a healthy body.
I am committed to this process and I am ready and willing to change.

Take a deep breath.

It’s safe for me to be fit and healthy.
I deserve to have the body I desire.
I desire a healthy, fit body.
I’m willing to move my body.
I am excited to exercise.
I’m getting results.
I’m smart about the foods I put in my body.
I’m fit and healthy.

My body is great at burning extra calories.
I’m supporting my body for these changes to occur.
Every day I’m feeling more and more encouraged.
Every day I am supporting myself.
It’s easy to be patient.

I’m committed to the process.
I’m ready and willing to change.
I am supporting myself with positive thoughts.
It feels good to be kind to myself.
I’m doing a great job.
Final Round

It’s easy to be my ideal weight.

I feel great in my clothes.
Others notice how good I look and feel.
My body responds to my thoughts.
The nicer I am to myself, the easier it is to release the fat.

Take a deep breath.

Check in: How are you feeling about that part of your body now? Rate your feeling intensity on the scale of 0-10 again. Are you down to 0? If your number is higher than 2, repeat the tapping rounds until it goes down.

This is a great exercise to do every day.
Your body is doing the best it knows how. Encourage it and love it.


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