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Why I’m openly declaring war on the Biggest Loser













Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert Brittany Watkins Declares WAR on The Biggest Loser

Brittany Watkins, America’s top emotional eating expert, has had enough of seeing women (and men!) suffer through their weight loss efforts through intimidation, punishment and deprivation – the same techniques used on The Biggest Loser.

While results are achieved short-term, contestants like Ryan Benson, Erik Chopin and Suzy Hoover *ALWAYS gain the weight back. Without addressing their Weight Loss Blockers©, or hidden subconscious reasons for keeping the weight on and self-sabotaging, they will never succeed.

In the past 4 years, Brittany has helped more than 2 million women stop food cravings, stop binge eating and lose weight for good.  

She’s also used this exact same method to cure her own emotional eating issues, drop 30 pounds effortlessly, and become the most sought-after expert on overcoming binge eating and food cravings.

Brittany shares, “If your subconscious mind REALLY wanted you to lose weight, you would have by now.

If you’ve tried a million diets and they haven’t worked, you may have one or more of the 7 subconscious Weight Loss Blockers© I’ve identified. This means that your subconscious mind thinks it’s keeping you SAFE by keeping you stuck.”

In Brittany’s newly released Weight Loss Blocker Quiz, she’s finally found a way for emotional eaters to identify which one(s) they have so they can eliminate food cravings and emotional eating for good.

Focusing on the subconscious mind and healing the emotions around food is the ONLY method that can sustain lasting weight loss, not extreme workouts and severe calorie reduction.

Hundreds of women that have taken this quiz and identified their Weight Loss Blockers are experiencing lasting weight loss, the end of food cravings and binge eating, and a new vibrance and attitude about their lives.

Marge says, “As of this morning I “officially” lost 30 lbs. I lost 3 clothes sizes down to size 6. At age 67 I never thought it could happen. And I gained so much more in energy, health and happiness.”

Another student shares, “Today I put on a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant and they are hanging off me like they are 2 sizes too big! Thank you for lighting the way and giving such a priceless gift.”

About Brittany Watkins

Brittany Watkins is a weight loss coach and widely known as an expert in the psychology of food cravings and emotional eating. She discovered the 7 subconscious weight loss blockers which stop you from losing weight no matter what diet you follow.

To find out which weight loss blockers you have take the short 30 second quiz.



*Biggest Loser, where are they now?

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