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Craving Buster Session with Brittany Watkins

Craving Buster Session with Brittany Watkins

Do you suffer from uncontrollable food cravings? Do you want to completely eliminate your cravings for certain foods? In this intense one hour session, Brittany will remove your weight loss blockers for up to 5 different foods! Results are guaranteed or your money back!

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6 Week program

Think and Thin 6-week Program

Overcome all 7 psychological weight loss blockers in this 6-week program. You'll learn a simple mind trick to stop your food cravings in minutes and my Echo Tapping technique, a revolutionary 5-step process to cure emotional eating. You'll be able to push food away without feeling deprived and ditch the diet-binge cycle for good.

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Advanced program

Think and Thin Advanced

Six months to transform your mind, your body, and your life. Work with Brittany and her highly-trained and trusted coaches 1-to-1 so they can hold your hand and walk you through every step of removing your weight loss blockers. You'll be part of a private community of like-minded women on the same path, supporting and each other along the way.

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Coaching program

Tapping For The Weight Loss

Comprehensive coach certification program to teach you how to create a business and life you love through coaching and healing emotional eating. In this 9-month program you'll learn to apply The Watkins Method to cure food cravings, end emotional eating and stop self-sabotage. You'll also learn how to build and run your own online coaching business so you can have the freedom and flexibility to make a great living helping others from anywhere in the world.

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BizSchool program

Biz School

In this 3-month course you'll learn the exact strategies Brittany used to build a 6-figure coaching business from the first year. You'll see behind the scenes of Brittany's own business to help you build yours.

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1 on 1 program

1-to-1 Coaching with Brittany

Sometimes you just want to go to learn straight from the source. Brittany offers both weight loss coaching and business coaching for individuals. She has been known to help people overcome emotional eating in as few as 12 sessions. This isn't the budget option, but it's the best.

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